Under the Umbrella with Jen Huswick

This week, we go Under the Umbrella with Jen Huswick, a busy nurse and soon to be first time mom! After watching a loved one courageously battle Melanoma she has learned just how important caring for your skin and your overall health is and how it can affect not only yourself but your family as well. Read on to learn how this California native lives and plays safely in the sun.

Name, Age, Location

Jen Huswick, 28, Seattle WA

(Originally born and raised in Southern California)

How would you describe your lifestyle?

I would say pretty active. I love being outside and being in the sunshine. I also love being by water. Any chance I can get, I’m there. Growing up we were always at the pool or the beach. I also played softball my entire life in California year round and was always outside.

When did skincare become a priority?

When my mother-in-law was diagnosed with stage IV Melanoma. I use to want to be tan! I would use a tanning bed especially when I moved up to Washington. I would burn and then it would turn into a tan because of how fare skinned I was. I had very bad skincare habits. Also getting older made me pay more attention to my skin and how I felt like I was aging faster. But when my Mother-in-law was diagnosed and after watching how fast the disease spread and how awful her last year was, it was very apparent on how important it is to take care of every part of your body. She suffered throughout her entire treatment and the Melanoma ended up taking her life. She was also in the sun her entire life, tanning at the beach and not wearing sunscreen when she lived in Florida. Her cancer spread very fast and it was very hard on everyone.

Why is your skin a priority?

Because I want to be around for my children. I don’t want my lack of caring from when I was young end in someone else’s pain. I think that our skin can sometimes be the last thing we think about protecting, especially in Washington where the sun is sometimes far and few between. Before my Mother-in-law was diagnosed, it seemed like skin cancer was more of a myth. Then I started hearing about more and more people having it and fighting for their lives.

What is your healthy skin regimen?

Now I always put sunscreen on my face, every day, even with the sun is not shining. And if I am going to be outside, I make sure to apply it on my body and continue to reapply it throughout the day. I also attempt to live in the shade a little more :)

What is your favorite piece of clothing in your closet, and why?

My rainbow sandals. Anytime there is a chance that I can let my feet be free, I will!

Which shoes do you pair with your little black dress? Your jeans?

I pair some cute Steve Madden stilettos that my uncle bought me for Christmas one year. They are my go to shoes for dressing up, they match everything. Jeans…I would hope my Rainbows, if it’s raining, I throw on something else.

How would you define your personal style?

Relaxed, beach style.

If you could go back, what do you wish you could teach your younger self?

NEVER to use a tanning bed. Be proud of my pale skin! Cherish it! And to always reapply sunscreen. Once is not enough!

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