5 Ways To Love The Sun And Love Your Skin

One of our favorite things here at SUMMERSKIN is to collaborate with other brands, blogs, sites, and individuals! This week we had the honor to collaborate with the incredible Abby Sterling of Glitter Guide to talk about the importance of skin health.

Just like our founder, Summer Kramer, Abby has a personal and family experience with skin cancer and knows first hand about the importance of sun safety. In this article, Abby shares about her experience and Summer outlines 5 easy ways to care for your skin, while still loving your time outdoors.

1. Make sunscreen part of your daily routine.

2. Wear sun protective clothing.

3. Be a shade-seeker.

4. Avoid tanning beds!

5. Stay hydrated.

Check out the full article with the link below to see more on these topics and product recommendations:

5 Ways To Love The Sun And Love Your Skin - Glitter Guide

June 27, 2016 by Summer Kramer
Tags: skin cancer

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