The Sun and Your Skin

Here at SUMMERSKIN, we love the sun and believe that with the right knowledge, habits, and protection, a life in the sun can be a happy and healthy one.

Without the right protection, though, excessive sun and UV exposure has damaging effects on your health. Premature aging. Sunburns. Eye damage. Skin cancer.

UV radiation exposure (from the sun and tanning beds) is a main cause of cancer. UV and sun exposure are associated with up to 90% of the signs of premature aging of the skin.

Much of this damage can be prevented. SUMMERSKIN recommends a complete sun protection program: seek shade, wear UPF SUMMERSKIN clothing, wide brim hats, and wrap-around sunglasses, use SPF 30 sunscreen on exposed skin, and absolutely avoid indoor tanning.

And, remember, embrace your natural glow!

What is UPF Clothing?SUMMERSKIN Protection


Sun protective clothing is proven to block a certain percentage of harmful UV rays and is much easier to apply and much less messy than sunscreen.

The Federal Trade Commission regulates the labeling of sun protective clothing ensuring that it states the certified Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF). Similar to the SPF of sunscreens, clothing is labeled with the associated UPF.

The highest UPF rating possible is UPF 50+ and is classified as "Excellent Sun Protection," blocking over 98% of UV rays. SUMMERSKIN clothing and accessories are rated at a UPF 30 & 50+.

Clothes with less than a UPF 15 cannot be labeled as sun protective.

A standard white cotton T-shirt typically has a UPF 5-7.

How is SUMMERSKIN UPF Determined?

The UPF of fabric is affected by the thickness of the fabric, the tightness of the weave, and the color. The darker the color the more inherent the sun protection. The trick is to balance the sun protective qualities with the comfort and style of the fabric.

SUMMERSKIN clothing is never chemically treated to achieve UPF. The UPF will not wash out, lasting the lifetime of the garment.

SUMMERSKIN products are independently tested and certified for their labeled UPF. We follow stringent industry guidelines and testing standards set by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), and the American Association of Textile Colorists and Chemists (AATCC). Unless otherwise stated, all SUMMERSKIN garments are labeled with the UPF that was determined by testing the fabric in a dry and unstretched state, as the UPF of the garment may be altered if the fabric is wet or stretched.

SUMMERSKIN apparel is dermatologist recommended.

The SUMMERSKIN Difference

SUMMERSKIN exists to bring health, happiness, and fun to your everyday lifestyle. Our classic pieces are designed for your modern outdoor and travel lifestyle - wardrobe staples that will quickly become your go-to favorites. Think stylish maxi dresses and palazzo pants, not rash guards and hiking shirts.

Never chemically treated to achieve UPF, our pieces are UV protective by construction. You will feel safe with our fabrics on your skin.

Sun protection is just the beginning. Our fiber blends are soft to the hand, drape beautifully, and allow the skin to breath on those hot days. Preventative care never felt or looked so good.

Committed to local manufacturing, SUMMERSKIN is designed in Portland, Oregon and is produced in California and Oregon, USA.

Flattering for any figure, our complementary pieces come with versatile details like convertible roll-up sleeves, extendable collars, and side slits for cooling airflow. This is where style truly meets function.

Read more about the SUMMERSKIN story and feel free to drop us a note anytime, we would love to hear about your adventures in the sun!