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Why You Should Wear Sunscreen In The Winter, And How To Do It Right

Published by Summer Kramer on

It's very easy to forget about sun protection when it's bitterly cold outside. We've all done it, and we've all paid the price. Just like water, snow and ice reflect sun light and it's more important than ever to make sure that you are taking care of your skin and lips.

The good news is that when it's cold outside, we typically have less skin exposed and thus our sun protection routine can be a little easier. Check out the full article and Happy Winter Solstice to you all!

The Miracle Fruit - Sea Buckthorn

Published by Summer Kramer on

The common Sea Buckthorn, Hippophae rhamnoides, is a native deciduous shrub from a wide area in both Europe and Asia. Learn more about medicinal uses, and some of my favorite Sea Buckthorn skin care products!

Happy Mammogram

Published by Summer Kramer on

In honor of a very close friend who is a strong and beautiful breast cancer survivor (you know who you are my dear), I had my first mammogram yesterday, at the age of 36. That might younger than you would expect someone to start getting annual mammograms, but I’m a melanoma survivor and studies have shown that melanoma can spread to the breast.

It is never too late to make your health a priority, and it’s never too early to know your body.


The Vitamin D Debate

Published by Summer Kramer on

Don't fall for the marketing ploys, and learn the truth about Vitamin D!

Our world's leading health organizations agree that the safest and most reliable ways to maintain Vitamin D is through diet, both through food and supplements. We've also chosen an amazing Vitamin D rich recipe from Food & Wine!

How Dead Sea Salt Saved My Skin

Published by Summer Kramer on

In honor of this month being National Eczema Awareness Month, let’s get personal.

Seborrheic dermatitis is my childhood skin condition that has continued to haunt my adult life…until now. Learn more about my review and personal experience with Dead Sea Salt, and cleaning up my facial cleansing routine!

12 Facts about melanoma that every woman needs to know

Published by Summer Kramer on

Having been diagnosed with melanoma at only 26 years old, I have since dedicated my life to talking about skin health and the simple things that we can all do now to reduce our risk of developing any form of skin cancer. Here are 12 Facts that we should all know before heading out for a day in the sun...

You Can Help Build Shade Strucutres in Your Community!

Published by Summer Kramer on

SUMMERSKIN is now collecting donations to the American Academy of Dermatology Shade Structure Grant program. The donations are items that can be added to your SUMMERSKIN cart and purchased through our checkout process. The donation values are $1, $5, $10 or $20, and for every donation you make to the Shade Structure Program, we will send you a SUMMERSKIN gift card. (See All Available Donations here.)

Under the Umbrella with Hillary Fogelson

Published by Summer Kramer on

This week, we go Under the Umbrella with Hillary Fogelson AKA “the sunscreen guru”. Hillary is a three time melanoma survivor and author of  the LA Times Best Seller, “Pale Girl Speaks: A Year Uncovered”. She has dedicated her life to educating others about the dangers of UV exposure. Her up beat and witty approach to sun safety is refreshing and her personal story will inspire you to be proactive with your skin health. To learn more about Hillary and all of the great work she is doing visit her website.

Under the Umbrella with Michele Burklund

Published by Summer Kramer on

This week, we go Under the Umbrella with Michele Burklund AKA the Healthy Fashionista. Michele is a health and fashion blogger, natural health expert and soon to be doctor! Be sure to check out Michele’s blog Healthy Fashionista where you will learn natural health tips in a fun and fashionable way to help you look amazing from the inside out.

Sun Protective Clothing: Not Just For Summer

Published by Summer Kramer on

Just because summer has ended, it doesn’t mean it’s time to pack away your sun protective clothing. Today I’ll help you understand why sun damage is a major concern all year round and give you ideas for how to wear sun protective clothing outside of the summer months.

Make Your Halloween Decorations By Upcycling!

Published by Summer Kramer on

Upcycling is the process of reusing an item to make something else of higher value than the original item.

Check out these fun and amazing ideas to upcycle things such as milk cartons, toilet paper rolls and old crayons into incredible Halloween Decorations!

Under The Umbrella with Dre Slaman of Farm To Fit

Published by Summer Kramer on

This week, we are excited to go Under The Umbrella with the amazing Dre Slaman!
Dre is a melanoma survivor and the co-owner of Farm To Fit, an Oregon-based meal delivery service with calorie specific meal plans using locally-sourced ingredients.

Q: Why is your skin a priority?  A: "Because I want to live!"

Under The Umbrella With Blush & Camo's Julianna Lynch

Published by Kaitlyn Tanasse on

This week, we go Under the Umbrella with Blush & Camo blogger Julianna Lynch. Her mission is to elevate your everyday style, provide fashion inspiration, and teach you how to grow your dream wardrobes! Read her interview below to learn a little more about her fashion and beauty routines.

Under The Umbrella with Shelby Anderson

Published by Kaitlyn Tanasse on

This week we go Under the Umbrella with California girl, Shelby Anderson. With porcelain skin and fire red hair this beauty has been very aware of the dangers of UV rays since childhood so she knows a thing or two about skincare!

Daily Mom’s Love the Sun Protective Endless Summer Wrap

Published by Summer Kramer on

DailyMom.com, a blog where mothers and fathers share all the useful tips that they run across daily, is helping you get ready for Mother’s Day. Their timing is perfect since mom’s special day is just around the corner. If you need tips on just what to get her then look no further.


Published by Kaitlyn Tanasse on

This week, we go Under the Umbrella with Nichole Mustoe, stylist, color technician, curl specialist and co-owner of Defining Image Salon. Read on to learn more about this busy mom's personal guide to health and beauty.

Plus, look how adorable she looks in the aquamarine Dolman Top while vacationing in Hawaii!

A Shoutout To One Of Our Favorite Pharmacists

Published by Kaitlyn Tanasse on

Today is National Pharmacist day. In honor of our founder, Dr. Summer Kramer, we will be celebrating! Today is a day to recognize and honor all pharmacists across the nation. Take a moment to thank your pharmacist for helping you to feel better and always being there in your time of need.

Perfect Travel Dresses You Need for Your Next Getaway

Published by Kaitlyn Tanasse on

Planning a getaway? We have just what you need: suggestions for the comfiest, cutest dresses to take you from the airport to the beach…or even the ski lodge! Check out our suggestions and let us know what you’re wearing this winter season.

Under the umbrella with Heidi Jendro

Published by Summer Kramer on

This week, we are excited to go Under The Umbrella with the amazing Dr. Heidi Jendro! A clinical pharmacist working in a large, high-paced hospital, as well as a dedicated Oregon State University fan. Read her interview to find out why sun protection and skin health are such an important part of her life, and she says it's important to sit back and enjoy the ride!

Under The Umbrella With Amanda Calnan Vowels

Published by Kaitlyn Tanasse on

This week, we go Under the Umbrella with Amanda Vowels, PR Professional and extremely active, outdoor loving mother of two. Between her time spent in Australia and her family history with skin cancer she has become one sun savvy lady. You don’t want to miss this hilarious and honest interview!

Goodbye 2016! Hello 2017!

Published by Summer Kramer on

Happy New Year to you all!

2016 has been an interesting year, and not without its challenges. For most of us, we are very excited to celebrate the New Year and find ways to hit restart. A great way to check in and use self-reflection to set the tone for 2017 is to take some time for yourself and start writing. Remind yourself of the good and reflect on the not-so-good of 2016, set big goals, write a letter to yourself from the future, etc.

Let's start 2017 strong! Only you can determine your path, your mood and your future!

Healthy Holiday Appetizers!

Published by Summer Kramer on

As we are in the thick of the holiday season, I am once again finding myself scrambling to figure out what to make and bring to parties and what to have here at the house for holiday entertaining.

I have been scouring for recipes to try, and I found these 17 Healthy Holiday Appetizer recipes curated by Sweet Peas and Saffron that look incredible.

The 3 most important skin-care swaps to make first if you’re going natural

Published by Summer Kramer on

We're going au naturel on the blog today! Want to clean up your skin care routine, but don't know where to start?

We are sharing some great tips to swapping your cleanser, toners and moisturizers for cleaner and happier skin.

How To Find A Ripe Avocado

Published by Summer Kramer on

I love avocado toast, and adding avocados to be smoothies, and there is such an amazing sense of satisfaction when you find a pretty avocado.

Well & Good asked Mexican culinary expert Pati Jinich to get her expertise, and gave us a quick cheat sheet on how to buy the right avocado when you're at the store.

5 Teas To Start Drinking For Healthy, Beautiful Skin

Published by Summer Kramer on

With the weather cooling, I find myself pouring multiple cups of tea a day for the warmth and comfort. The bonus to one of my favorite drinks are the amazing health benefits. From helping you relax to supporting your immune system, the right teas are health boosters and can even have wonderful effects on your skin.

Check out our favorite 5 teas, recipes and products for happy skin!

So Many Reasons To Love Turmeric

Published by Summer Kramer on

A relative of ginger, turmeric is one of the main spices in curry and is one of the healthiest ways to add flavor. Studies have shown health benefits from adding turmeric to your diet from easing heartburn symptoms to fighting cancer and potentially improving overall memory in Alzheimer's patients.

Find out how to incorporate more turmeric into your life today!

25 Healthy One-Pot Veggie Based Meals

Published by Summer Kramer on

As Fall fully sets in, I love to stock our pantry with staples that allow for easy one-pot meals that are healthy, nutritious, warm and comforting. Check out these amazing recipes and start prepping this weekend for some amazing Fall and Winter recipes, so you always have a meal ready to go! Yum!

The benefits of meditation - Infographic

Published by Summer Kramer on

Today we want to talk about mental health. We all have times of stress or depression or excitement, but overtime, experiencing consistent high levels of these emotions can impact our overall health. Take the time to think of yourself today, and don't miss this wonderful infographic, from Dr. Emma Seppala of Standford University's Center for Compassion and Altruism Research and Education.

How To Avoid The Winter Blues

Published by Kaitlyn Tanasse on

The temperatures are low and so may be your spirits. Are you missing those sunny days? You may be tempted to fake it by visiting your closest tanning salon – but DON’T!

We understand it’s hard to avoid the winter blues when the days are so short and the weather so cold but we have 6 tips to help you snap out of it without damaging your skin and health.

Today is National Pharmacist Day!

Published by Summer Kramer on

Today is National Pharmacist Day! Our founder, Summer Kramer, PharmD is a pharmacist as well as a melanoma survivor and sun safety advocate! Pharmacists are one of the most trusted and accessible health care providers, and they work tirelessly at the front lines to ease disease. Make sure to high five your pharmacist today and give them an extra smile - it will absolutely make their day!

Why I Love Lily Lark Parasols!

Published by Summer Kramer on

As you all may have noticed, we have brought on a new brand partner, Lily Lark Sun Protective Parasols. I wanted to take a moment to share my experiences with these gorgeous parasols and why I love supporting this brand.

Recently, I had the pleasure of meeting the founder of Lily Lark, Lisa Selwitz, and I can attest to the quality and beauty of these parasols. I was really impressed, and feel honored to carry mine with me, as it truly feels like a piece of art.

Sun protection truly does meet style with Lily Lark Parasols!

Eco-Friendly Sneakers That Emma Watson LOVES!

Published by Summer Kramer on

Emma Watson's dedication to sustainability and eco-chic fashion is one to be admired and emulated. Find out why she is talking about these amazing eco-friendly sneakers and learn more about this inspiring brand!

Creating the product you wish you had

Published by Summer Kramer on

Entrepreneurship is hard, and it can feel lonely, but it doesn't have to. I was recently interviewed by the inspiring Kathlyn Hart of The Big Leap Show podcast to chat about my journey and what entrepreneurship means to me. I am so excited to share it with you all!

The most stylish UPF clothing to wear now - TODAY.com

Published by Summer Kramer on

Functional fashion is one of the fastest growing trends in the industry today. We are thrilled to see Today.com covering one of the most important functional aspects, sun protection! Check out the incredible SUMMERSKIN review by Today.com!

Wear a Sun Protective Dress on Your Next Hike. Seriously!

Published by Kaitlyn Tanasse on

The absolutely adorable Lily Rose of the fashion blog With Love Lily Rose took "sun protection meets style" to a whole new level! Although she loves the outdoors and exploring new places she isn't willing to sacrifice her style. Check out her sun safe style!

Look on The Bright Side With Better Nutrition Magazine

Published by Kaitlyn Tanasse on

Summer is officially here and Better Nutrition Magazine is giving their readers some great advice for staying sun savvy. Hint: It includes wearing your SUMMERSKIN!

The Joy Fedora is a World Traveler

Published by Kaitlyn Tanasse on

We had the pleasure of virtually meeting the founders of the Timeout Society, Karley and Ben. These travel extraordinaire's are on a mission to encourage everyone to travel the world and experience an alternative lifestyle. Trust me their photos are breathtaking and wanderlust inducing!

See more here.

Beauty Must Have - your Joy Fedora

Published by Kaitlyn Tanasse on

We recently had the pleasure of working with beauty blogger Britanie King. Her stunning site Beauty By Britanie is a natural beauty, holistic healing and lifestyle blog that incorporates a comprehensive look at beauty and wellness from the inside, out.

See all of her stunning photos inside.

Having More Fun Will Help You Eat Less

Published by Kaitlyn Tanasse on

Marisa Molina, certified Holistic Health Practitioner, gives tips to prioritize your self-care, transform your eating habits and accomplish more than you ever thought possible!
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