Make Your Halloween Decorations By Upcycling!

Published by Summer Kramer on

Upcycling is the process of reusing an item to make something else of higher value than the original item.

Check out these fun and amazing ideas to upcycle things such as milk cartons, toilet paper rolls and old crayons into incredible Halloween Decorations!

Under The Umbrella with Dre Slaman of Farm To Fit

Published by Summer Kramer on

This week, we are excited to go Under The Umbrella with the amazing Dre Slaman!
Dre is a melanoma survivor and the co-owner of Farm To Fit, an Oregon-based meal delivery service with calorie specific meal plans using locally-sourced ingredients.

Q: Why is your skin a priority?  A: "Because I want to live!"

Under The Umbrella With Blush & Camo's Julianna Lynch

Published by Kaitlyn Tanasse on

This week, we go Under the Umbrella with Blush & Camo blogger Julianna Lynch. Her mission is to elevate your everyday style, provide fashion inspiration, and teach you how to grow your dream wardrobes! Read her interview below to learn a little more about her fashion and beauty routines.

Under The Umbrella with Shelby Anderson

Published by Kaitlyn Tanasse on

This week we go Under the Umbrella with California girl, Shelby Anderson. With porcelain skin and fire red hair this beauty has been very aware of the dangers of UV rays since childhood so she knows a thing or two about skincare!

Daily Mom’s Love the Sun Protective Endless Summer Wrap

Published by Summer Kramer on

DailyMom.com, a blog where mothers and fathers share all the useful tips that they run across daily, is helping you get ready for Mother’s Day. Their timing is perfect since mom’s special day is just around the corner. If you need tips on just what to get her then look no further.


Published by Kaitlyn Tanasse on

This week, we go Under the Umbrella with Nichole Mustoe, stylist, color technician, curl specialist and co-owner of Defining Image Salon. Read on to learn more about this busy mom's personal guide to health and beauty.

Plus, look how adorable she looks in the aquamarine Dolman Top while vacationing in Hawaii!

A Shoutout To One Of Our Favorite Pharmacists

Published by Kaitlyn Tanasse on

Today is National Pharmacist day. In honor of our founder, Dr. Summer Kramer, we will be celebrating! Today is a day to recognize and honor all pharmacists across the nation. Take a moment to thank your pharmacist for helping you to feel better and always being there in your time of need.

Perfect Travel Dresses You Need for Your Next Getaway

Published by Kaitlyn Tanasse on

Planning a getaway? We have just what you need: suggestions for the comfiest, cutest dresses to take you from the airport to the beach…or even the ski lodge! Check out our suggestions and let us know what you’re wearing this winter season.
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