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The first time I tried to make a Dermatology appointment I was 21 years old. A mole on my neck had turned red and was irritated, itching and one day began bleeding. A little bit scared but owning my new "adulting" status, I called some Dermatologists on my parentally-health insured (thanks Obama!) providers and was promptly shocked at every office telling me that the closest available appointments were 4 months away! A decade later, waits for specialist providers may not be any shorter, but our technology has progressed significantly.

The rapid progression of the smart phone, high-res cameras and the creation of apps, has allowed for a new level of documentation and data sharing. In this climate, Ph.D. cancer biologist, Dan Webster thought up Mole Mapper to help his wife (who is at high risk of melanoma) monitor her moles.


Sancy Leachman, M.D., Ph.D.,director of the OHSU Knight Cancer Institute’s Melanoma Research Program and chair of the Department of Dermatology in the OHSU School of Medicine joined the design team of mobile app Mole Mapper. “Leachman is passionate about putting this type of technology in consumers’ hands so they can be proactive about their skin health. But artificial intelligence must be trained on large sets of relevant data, and scientists have not had access to patient-generated skin images and data.

Mole Mapper was designed to allow people the ability to accurately measure and monitor their moles using their smartphone cameras. The app’s optional data collection function utilizes Apple’s ResearchKit platform and gives users the option to contribute to melanoma research by sharing anonymous photos of how their potential trouble spots evolve over time.” OHSU News


Where can I find the Mole Mapper App?

Mole Mapper is an application for the iPhone platform, and can be found within the Apple iTunes® Store.
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