Fun Circles Print Parasol

You wanna have fun? If not, don’t even THINK of carrying this print! Playful, irregular, watercolor circles of blues and greens and yellows are cut out and laid on top of a neutral background. The artist left delicate drop shadows under the cutouts and added little black dots to round out some of the shapes. And those tiny dots make the print a party!

Handmade Lily-Lark parasols are produced in Chiang Mai, Thailand, considered to be the "Parasol capital of the world".

- Treated with a UPF 50+ coating that blocks over 98% of UV rays
- Water-resistant, though not for rain or high winds
- Handmade bamboo frame
- Model shown with 37" canopy- Comes with a matching carrying case, see butterfly print example below


$166.00 - $190.00

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