Pre-Order Crowdfunding

Step 1:

Place your crowdfunding order on

Step 2:

Spread the word and help make sure your style reaches its crowdfunding goal.

Step 3:

Once your style has funded, we will send you updates with your order ship date.


Q: What if my style doesn't reach its crowdfunding goal?

A: Only styles that reach their crowdfunding goal within the campaign's time frame will be put into production. If the crowdfunding style that you chose is not successfully crowdfunded, your order for that style will be refunded by either store credit or to your original form of payment.

Q: The crowdfunding campaigns offer big discounts on the style. Will the crowdfunding styles be available on after the campaign ends?

A: If the number of orders received during the crowdfunding campaign show continued interest in a particular style, then it is likely that we will add the style to our year-round inventory on However, the deep discounts provided during the crowdfunding campaigns are only available during the active campaign windows. If styles are made available year-round on they will be offered at the full retail price.

Q: When can I expect delivery of my crowdfunding purchase?

A: Each crowdfunding campaign and style will have different estimated delivery date, and we will continue to update everyone if there are any changes to the delivery schedules.

Q: Can I return or exchange styles purchased through a crowdfunding campaign?

A: We will assess each request on a case by case basis, as some styles may not remain in stock and therefore will not be eligible for a full refund, but would be eligible for store credit.

Q: Why is SUMMERSKIN crowdfunding through the website?

A: Our team has a lot of experience running crowdfunding campaigns through the larger platforms such as Kickstarter and Indiegogo. We saw an opportunity to include our amazing SUMMERSKIN family, supporters and fans in our design process, and collectively design the sun protective styles that fit your life, wants and needs. In addition, the larger crowdfunding platforms take a % of proceeds fee, and we want to take that same fee and turn it into donations to our favorite sun saavy charities and educational organizations. Read more on our Why Crowdfunding? page.